Through our voice, products and actions, RESQ/CO has set out to achieve a goal where animals across the country can be saved, adopted into loving homes and live long happy lives. We hope to inspire generations to join us on our adventure and to share the knowledge that together we can bring a change to animals and people in need. 5% of all of our profits are donated to Rescue and Shelter animals all across the country. Every purchase you make helps us make this possible.

For every $50 donation an animal in need can be taken out of a shelter or off the streets and into a loving home. A $10 donation can feed a shelter or rescue animal for an entire month and every $40 donation can spay/neuter a dog/cat and get them the vaccinations they need. With your help, we make huge life-saving differences in the lives of the animals who need us most.


Your support not only helps us give back to animals in need, but also helps support our founder in her quest to maintain her independence and stability while living a life with Multiple Sclerosis. Every purchase you make not only gives us a smile behind the scenes and cheers her on to “keep moving” it also allows us to give a yearly donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to help fund awareness, research, programs and services for others livings with MS.